7 Countries that Offer a Surprisingly Diverse Landscape

When travelling abroad it’s not uncommon to see roaming hills suddenly transform into huge expanses of flat land – and vice versa. Today we’re going to take a look at seven countries that offer a surprisingly diverse landscape.

1. Peru
Peru certainly isn’t a country that’ll instantly jump to the forefront of your mind when it comes to a holiday away – with the only world-renowned feature in the South American country being one of the eight wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.

However, while this area of immense natural beauty stands out as the top destination, the reality is the nation offers up one of the most diverse landscapes on Earth.

From sandy beaches that wouldn’t look out of place on a summer holiday in Marbella, to dusty plains more akin to a Spaghetti western, and even jungle landscapes which you might expect Tarzan to roam – Peru is without question an area of immense diversity.

2. New Zealand
New Zealand is well known for its natural beauty, but it’s the surprising differences between its regions which see it earn a spot on this list.

While cities like Christchurch offer an incredibly industrial image – far more akin to some of the larger provinces in Australia –these are juxtaposed by the sort of naturally beautiful locations which saw the Australasian nation chosen as the landscape for most of Middle Earth in The Lordof the Rings franchise.

Whether you want to check out the Franz Josef Range or take a trip to the Golden Bay, you’ll find an amazing natural escape on any afternoon when you don’t want to put up with the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Bolivia
This is the second of the South American countries on this list – with the continent standing out as one of the most surprisingly diverse on the globe.

La Paz is debatably the over-arching hub of culture in the region, but even this city is connected to a somewhat extraordinary landscape, with a massive slopping part of the Andes Mountain Range attached directly to it.

Other impressive locales within the nation include the Uyuni Salt Lake, Lake Titicaca and even patches of the Amazon rainforest. Suffice to say there’s a lot to see in Bolivia.

7 Diverse Countries
4. Vietnam
Vietnam is the first Asian nation to make an appearance on our list – but it won’t be the last. The country has recovered significantly since the war which raged through it in the 1970s and now stands out as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia.

Like practically any hotspot tourist locale, Vietnam has a bevy of beaches – with their selection of sand stretching out over a whopping 2,025 miles.

Unlike a lot of places however, the picturesque red sand beaches of Mui Ne make for a scene out of a science fiction film, while lush green paddy fields in Sapaprovide another beautiful image to soak in.

5. Ireland
The Irish are a people who generally seem to get a lot of love when it comes to their public image on a global scale – and their natural terrain more than upholds that portrayal, with the landscape of the Emerald Isles a fairly spectacular one.

Owing to the popularity of a recent franchise, Ireland has been coined as representing ’40 shades of green’, with beautiful valleys and fields making up a huge proportion of the region.

It would be totally inaccurate to suggest that’s all the place has however, with winding aqua lakes proving to be popular spots for tourists, while sandy beaches of gold also serve to act as a peaceful retreat for visitors.

One of the highlights of the island nation comes in the form of the Mourne Mountains – which are said to have inspired CS Lewis to write his Narnia series.

6. China
China is slowly becoming something of a global powerhouse on an economic front, but it’s the somewhat quaint and naturally beautiful aesthetics which see it earn a spot here.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to refer to this Asian nation as something of a magical place, with the Zhangye Danxia rainbow mountains, the rural village of Wuyuan (coated in hundreds of thousands of bright yellow flowers) and the Zhangjijaji precipitous pillars all looking like something out of a fairytale.

In a nation with a population of over 1 billion people it’s hard to find somewhere where you can get peace and quiet. By travelling to one of China’s many different spots of diverse beauty you have a great chance of doing that, however.

7. Scotland
Scotland might not be a nation which instantly springs to mind when it comes to diversity, but the reality is the landscape in the British nation sees it stand out as one of the most versatile when it comes to scenery.

Away to the north of noisy cities like Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh you’ll find vast areas of near-untouched land – the Scottish Highlands.

Wide glossy lakes lie in ravines which are surrounded by mountain ranges, in a vast area of land that has been completely unspoilt by humanity. Given how industrial Scotland is as a nation, this area of beautiful greenery is a contrast you might not have expected.

These are just seven countries that offer a surprisingly diverse landscape. Why not see it for yourself by visiting one on your next holiday?

Dhaka to Kolkata Travel Information

Want to go to Kolkata from Dhaka? Have you finished your preparations? You can read this post thoroughly to make a perfect trip to Kolkata.

There are two ways to go to Kolkata. One is legal and the other is illegal. If you follow illegal way, then some forces from both countries are waiting to welcome you with legal punishment.

The highest punishment is death. You may be caught at red handed by immigration police, customs, BSF or BGB.

However, true jokes apart, let’s come to real point of view. How can we make a successful trip from Dhaka to Kolkata? You can make this tour from Dhaka to Kolkata by air, road and rail.

Dhaka to Kolkata Air Trip
For making air tour, you have to buy air tickets from any of the airline given below:
Dhaka to Kolkata Trip Information

It will cost you 6184 to 15186 Taka and take 45 minutes less or more. Your journey will be started at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) of Dhaka and ended at Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport (CCU) of Kolkata.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Trip
There are many travelers like rail trip very much. Maitree Express is the only solution from Dhaka to Kolkata as rail trip. This is the joint initiative of Bangladesh and Indian Government.

Maitree Express offers both AC and Non AC tickets for the travelers. The train fares are affordable and less than the cost of road trip. Have a look:
Non AC: BDT 660
AC Chair: BDT 1133
Barth: BDT 1650

Maitree Express directly goes from Dhaka to Kolkata. It will take 12 hours less or more to reach. The destination is Kolkata Railway Station which is situated in Chitpur of Kolkata. You have to pass 392 kilometres of distance. You may need 2-4 hours to finish the activities of Immigration.

Dhaka to Kolkata Bus Trip
There are some popular transports which run regular trip to Kolkata from Dhaka. Have a look:
Shyamoli Paribahan
Green Line
Shohagh Paribahan

If you directly go to Kolkata, then you will get down at Marquis Street near Kolkata New Market.

The air conditioned bus of those transports will cost you BDT 1400 - BDT 1700. It will need about 17 hours including immigration activities if you start your journey at night towards Benapole of Jessore. After that you will reach at Park Street of Kolkata via Bongaon.

How to Make Low Cost Trip from Dhaka to Kolkata
If you think above mentioned cost is not affordable for you or want to reduce travel cost, then you have to find out different option. Just follow the below steps.

At first, get on Benapole bound bus. It will cost you BDT 500 in chair coach and BDT 300 in normal coach. After reaching there, go to Benapole immigration office and pay your travel tax. 

Now, pass the no-man’s land on foot. Go to Petropole Immigration office of Haridaspur in India. Complete the necessary official tasks there.

You have to go to Bongaon Station. Use auto rickshaw which will cost you 25 rupee. Go to Shialdah Station from Bongaon paying 20 rupee. Shialdah is in north Kolkata. You can also follow another route. It is from Bongaon to Domdom paying 18 rupee. Then go to Park Street using Metro which will cost you only 10 rupee.

Things to Know for Making Trip from Dhaka to Kolkata
Never fall into the trap of immigration brokers. Fill up immigration form yourself. If need, take help from immigration officers.

Don’t be worried of your journey from Dhaka to Kolkata. Take help at every step of your journey from Indian police or rail police if it is necessary. They will help you.

Dont believe anybody who says roaming with dollars or Bangladeshi currency is illegal. This is baseless speech. Just you need to endorse your money, and then it is legal.

Don’t be afraid of the speech given by the brokers about currency converting or anything else. There are some currency-exchanging shops in Kolkata. You can change your currency according to your need visiting any shop as you wish.

Use currency converter to calculate currency price of dollar, rupee or taka. It will give you how much you are going to pay or how much you have to expend. 

*There are some information in this post, which are changeable in course of time.

Hope you will be able to make an affordable, easy and comfortable trip from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Best Travel Bag Packing Tips

To understand the importance of travel bag packing tips, read the following speech. 

"When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life". 
Fashion Designer Diane Von Furstenberg

There are some objectives of perfect packing. It can make our whole journey comfortable. A perfect travel bag packing is necessary for stress-free journey. It is a characteristic of a good traveler is that he knows travel bag packing tips.

Travel bag packing tips

It is a great quality for a traveler to know the packing techniques. Every traveler should read these travel bag packing tips. 

At first, you have to know what to pack. So, the first duty of packing is to make a packing list. It is the safe way of ensuring to pack everything. It will help you to never forget anything important to pack.

Start your packing with sports jacket or the longest and most wrinkle prone items you have. Place your garments one by one following the strategy and it should be ended with the most wrinkle-resistant item you have.

Rolling is better than folding. It takes less space for clothes. You can be free from deep wrinkling of fold creases of clothes. It is one of the best travel bag packing tips.

Best travel bag packing tips

Try to give preference to take dual-purpose garments. For an example, pants that turn into shorts. It will help you to pack the clothes easily in the travel bag. This kind of garments does not take more space.

Pack all your items in layers. Clothes should be kept in one layer and beauty products should be kept in another layer. It is comfortable for the travelers and easy for screening. So, make different layers for different items inside your travel bag. Don’t mix up with one item to another item.

The essential and valuable belongings should be kept in carry-on bag in place of checked luggage. Your wallet, credit cards, passport, ID card and other valuable things should bring always with you. This is also important tip among the travel bag packing tips.

If possible, try to use packing aids. It can help you organize better and fit more into your bag. Limit your belongings and bags. The maximum weight of your bag should be 50 pounds for moving easily.

Remember, the travel luggage should not be over packed. Don’t forget to pack important items such as medicine, passport etc. Avoid keeping wrapped gifts in the checked luggage.

Try to use tissue papers for packing delicate items. You have to place it on the top and fold it up with tissue paper inside making another layer. Never forget such kind of travel bag packing tips.

Wrap all of your items carefully and try to provide enough cushioning to absorb shock. Leave some space for souvenirs, gifts and any other items to bring home or to give as gifts to the well-wishers.

If you have travelling partner, then pack half of each person’s thing in the other’s bag. This technique is helpful as reserve power in case of a bag being lost. This is one of a good travel bag packing tips.

It is better to pack a pair of shoes tightly together with the heels at opposite ends. It is better to wear the heaviest shoes during travelling to minimize the pressure of travel bag.

You can use packing cubes to organize the contents of your bag. It is better two use at least two packing cubes. For business travel or other trips, you can use one more see-through cube to pack laptop, charger etc. Try to apply this travel bag packing tip while you are in tour.

Organizer pouches are very much helpful to pack everything. But avoid overly-sized pouches and choose different colored pouches if you take more than one. You should use organizer pouch for laundry related items.

Indicate your name, address and profession on every travel bag. It will be helpful to identify your travel luggage. You must follow such kind of travel bag packing tips.

Before packing, you should know and follow all the rules of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for carry-on luggage. Try to know the airline’s baggage policy to do your travel bag packing perfectly.

I hope that all of these travel bag packing tips will be very much helpful and effective for all the travelers in this world.

Restaurants of 8 Bangladeshi Celebrities in Dhaka

It is not a new idea of starting restaurant business for the celebrities in this world. But I cannot say in this way about Bangladeshi celebrities. There are some celebrities who are involved this type of business. You can see some restaurants of famous people in Dhaka city. Let's know more:

Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan is the owner of this restaurant. Undoubtedly, he is the biggest celebrity of Bangladesh.

2nd & 3rd Floor
Plot-48, Block-F
Banani-11, Dhaka

Restaurant of Shakib Al Hasan

Sichuan Garden
The owner of this restaurant is cricketer Mohammad Ashraful. This youngest test cricket centurian doing well in this business.

1/1, Rankin Street,
Wari, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9511990

Restaurants of Mohammad Ashraful

Food 24×7
This is the restaurant of film actor Riaz. Renowned chef Tony Khan is the food superviser of this restaurant.

Jagannath Road
Bashundhara Residential Area

Restaurant of film actor Riaz

Tummy Time
This restaurant has been established by TV actor Apurbo. It is a colourful restaurant in outlook and service.

AB Centre
House-18, CWS
South Avenue, Gulshan-1


Abedin Tower
35, Kamal Ataturk Avenue
Banani, Dhaka

Phone: 01972-733269

Restaurant of Actor Apurbo

Nawab Chatga
Singer Elita Karim has established this restaurant. It is especially remarkable for the food of Chittagong.

House-29, Road-19
Opposite Side of RAJUK Commercial Complex
Gulshan-1, Dhaka

Phone: 01873-667766

Restaurant of Elita Karim

Why Not
TV Actress Ruman Rashid Ishita has created this restaurant. Her effort has been turned into success.

FR Tower, Ground Floor
32, Kamal Ataturk Avenue
Banani, Dhaka

Phone: 01786-553322

Restaurant of Ishita

Edge Water
This restaurant is owned by singer Shafin Ahmed. Various types of delicious food items are available here.

House-81, Road-6
Block-C, Banani

Restaurant of Shafin Ahmed

Hand Shake
Singer Milon Mahmood has launched this restaurant. He became inspired to start this venture after anchoring "Golden Recipe" programme on ATN Bangla.

30,  Shahjalal Avenue
Sector-4, Uttara

Phone: 01937-111555

Restaurant of Milon Mahmood

Whenever you are in that area of the restaurants, you can make a visit for having the taste of delicious food. I hope that you will like the cuisine of restaurants of Bangladeshi celebrities in Dhaka.

Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a riverine country. If you want to explore this land of rivers, then you should make a journey by rocket steamer. Rocket Paddle Steamer trip is one of the most popular tour attractions in Bangladesh. The foreign tourists like this trip very much. This tour will give you the opportunity of seeing many rivers of our country.

Rocket Steamer Trip is recommended by many travellers. The famous news media such as BBC, CNN have featured this tour. Many travel guides including Lonely Planet have given focus on this fantastic rocket trip. It will be an outstanding travelling experience in Bangladesh for the tourists.

History of Rocket Paddle Steamer
It has been running since British regime. Now, the service is almost 100 years old. It is well-known as rocket in Bangladesh although it is paddle steamer. I don't know how it was named. Probably once it was the fastest boat among the local Bangladeshi vessels. Rocket steamer was considered as elite-class service in south-eastern India.

Once the paddle steamers run by steam engine. At present, all have been converted to diesel engine. The first rocket steamer was built in 1920s.

Specialities of Rocket Trip in Bangladesh
*It is a day and night tour.
*It creates the opportunity of visiting Sundarbans and historical Muslim city Bagerhat.
*Exceptional river-cruise experience
*Journey by boat of Colonial period
*It will give you feeling of travelling with a marine vessel museum

Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip in Bangladesh

Name of the Rocket Paddle Steamers
PS Ostritch
PS Mahsud
PS Tern
PS Lepcha
PS Sella

PS Mahsud and PS Ostritch are the regular rocket service providers from Dhaka and the others are substitutes. *Here PS means Paddle Steamer.

Days of Operation

BIWTC operates another ferry in this route. The name of the ferry is MV Madhumoti which is run in Monday and Thursday. It is a new vessel equipped with modern luxurious facilities.

Type of Rocket Paddle Steamer Seat/Cabin 
Deck or Third Class
Second Class Double Cabin Non AC
First Class Double Cabin AC
*Every cabin has two beds.

First class cabins are the best for travelling. If you do not get any ticket of first class, then buy second class cabin ticket. But deck or third class seats are not suitable for foreign travellers. You need to bring sleeping bag or such kind of things for travelling on deck. It is not recommended and comfortable for the tourists. Rather avoid it.

Ticket Price/Fares of Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip
Dhaka to Barisal
2nd Class: BDT 1260
1st Class: BDT 2300

Dhaka to Hularhat
2nd Class: BDT 1710
1st Class: BDT 3105

Dhaka to Morrelganj
2nd Class: BDT 2100
1st Class: BDT 3715

Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip Route

Once Khulna was also included in this route. Now it has been stopped due to lack of enough depth of  river. So, the last destination of rocket steamer service is Morrelganj of Bagerhat.

Departure and Boarding Points
Badamtoli Launch Ghat, Dhaka: 03:30 PM
Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka: 06:30 PM

Barisal: 05:00 AM (next day)
Hularhat: 10:00 AM(next day)
Morrelganj: 02:30 PM(next day)

*There might be delay (1/2 hours) to reach or depart.

Collecting Tickets for Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip
Being a very much popular trip, It is hard to get cabin-class rocket tickets for the travellers. There is no email booking system. You should book at least 20 days before this trip and collect ticket before two-three days from BIWTC. Address and contact info have been given below:

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation(BIWTC)
5, Dilkusha Commercial Area

Phone: +88 02 9559779, +88 01818 532540
Office Hour: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

For a newcomer, it is also hard to locate the office of BIWTC. This is why ask your friend living in Dhaka to collect rocket steamer ticket. Or you can take help from any tour operator to buy this ticket. It will save your time and labour. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to have paddle steamer ticket by yourself.

You can also contact to us for this purpose. Email: tour@travelkd.com or fill up the contact form below:

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